Prayer Shawls


Recently, my studio practice has focused on very unique one-of-a-kind Jewish prayer shawls (talitot) woven on commission. I see them as combining original woven patterns produced on my computer-assisted loom along with the deepest respect for the long-standing, beautiful traditions so intrinsic to Jewish ritual objects.

They are made from silk or eco-friendly, readily renewable bamboo fibers, yielding cloths that have sheen, texture, and lightness, making them a delight to wear. The woven patterns created on a computer-assisted loom tell their own stories with references to Jewish imagery.

For several years I have been researching Shapanyer Arbet, an exclusively Jewish fiber arts tradition from Poland/Ukraine that was used to create ornate atarot (prayer shawl collars) with sterling silver thread. Because this skill has now largely died out, I have been researching it in museum collections in Israel and the United States. The atarot of my talitot are inspired by Shapanyer Arbet.

Prayer shawls can be ordered in any width up to 36 inches wide and any length, with any range of colors and combination of stripes. The tzitzit are hand-tied. No work on prayer shawls is performed on Shabbat.

For more information about my prayer shawls, including commissions and exhibitions, please contact me.

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