Lectures for Adults

Textile in blue and purple

I have been weaving since I was a child of eight, when I asked my parents for a loom. Today, I teach weaving in the School of Art at Syracuse University and dye and weave on a computerized dobby loom. I write about weaving, conduct school residencies, and teach at conferences and to guilds.

I can present all of my lectures remotely via Zoom.

In addition to the lecture topics below, almost any workshop can also be presented as a lecture. Please contact me to discuss additional lecture topics.

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  • Lecture: $175 with workshop. $250 stand-alone.
  • Additional: Travel expenses. If driving, mileage reimbursement at the current standard IRS rate. Accommodations as needed can be in a private home. All meals while in residence.

The Fabric of Life

In this illustrated lecture, cloths lead us on a universal journey through space and time. We examine how cloth and the process of cloth-making has permeated virtually every aspect of life on earth. Examples are drawn from archeology, art history, contemporary living weaving cultures, and more. A very inspirational talk that truly celebrates cloth-making and its makers.

Exploring Color and Weaving Through Painted Warps

Painting warps on-loom opens up rich potentials for combining color, pattern and woven patterns. In this lecture, illustrated with many images taken in my studio, I will illustrate the nuts and bolts of painting warps on-loom and subsequently weaving the cloth. It documents the life cycle of a warp, showing each step in the production process. I will emphasize the rich relationship between the painted warp and woven structures, as well as color and scale. This lecture illustrates the rich potential of the technique.

Detail of prayer shawl

Handmade Cloth: Exploring Ritual

I have become very involved in weaving Jewish prayer shawls. This has led me on an exploration of handmade cloth and its role as a ritual object in traditions across time and space. We will look at the ancient tradition of Jewish prayer shawls, which are first described in the Jewish Bible, and I will share how its traditions have inspired my contemporary multi-shaft handwoven interpretations.

Window Into Weaving: My Life As a Weaver

In this presentation I chart my personal weaving history and creative influences, dating back to my childhood. My enduring passion has been the interaction of color and structure. I have been weaving most of my life, and as a professional, my interests have evolved from my original focus on contemporary Summer and Winter to painted warps combining weave structures on a 16-harness AVL loom to heirloom quality Jewish prayer shawls. Along the way, I’ve been influenced by painting, quilting, and ethnic textiles, both contemporary and historical. The content can be tailored to fit the needs of the group.

Weaving Color Into Cloth

Color use is one of the richest areas of exploration in handweaving, a powerful expressive tool. At the same time, it can be mysterious, and we don’t always get the results we planned for. In this illustrated lecture, we will dissect color theory and apply it to the special charactistics of handwoven cloth.